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2010-10-01 02:18 pm
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It looks like I won't be able to attend after all. My unemployment is still tied up. I hope everyone has fun, and takes a moment to think about those who are unable to attend.

 Something came up...a good thing....I'm not questioning it...Lets go have fun!
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2010-03-23 06:42 pm
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This song is ME..YES ME..I've never heard one like this!

 This song describes me to a "T"...it may sound  "floydian", but is actually "freudian"

Lyrics HERE
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2007-07-05 11:13 pm

Con buddy's

This will mark my first fur con ever.  I am so excited, and sad in a way since [profile] zyphbear's grandpap passed away last night.  I'll need someone trustworthy to bum along with on Sat, since he will be gone...Any takers??
Am a Pittsburgh native, so I know the place pretty well...



Name is pronounced Cam-jen Brenaahhg  or Cam for short

1/2 bear 1/2 skunk

ursa mephitis
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2007-07-04 10:02 pm

Contact Lenses

Has anyone had any bad experiences with the new Bausch and Lomb Purevision Torics?  I had a pair of Cooper Proclear compatible torics and they sucked, and I lost one too..

Let me know fast

eye doc appt is 115pm  edt tomorrow
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2006-11-19 12:00 am

Journal is Friends Only

Hey If you wish to read my LJ, please add me to your friends list...Thanks